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 M. H. del Pilar Street, Molo, Iloilo City 5000, Philippines

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Updated last March 29, 2004.

Behind the Scenes

No earthy things could repay the efforts made by one of the alumni of ICNHS that took the efforts to make this website possible. He started the plan of making our dear alma mater globally reachable, hoping to reach-out and making this as a portal of communications among the graduates. For more information about him, please click on the credits. Now, with the help of another guy, they both work harder to provide enhancements of this site, however they both find difficulties while on the process of improving the website, to help, please read the noble act.

A Noble Act

There is no such great virtue than helping. One popular quote says "If you are not living your life trying to make friends and also helping those in need, then you are missing out on one of the pleasures of life".

We are having trouble financially to host and buy a domain name Our main goal is to give due appreciation and honor to our school by making a portal which will be globally reachable. Currently, our website use a free hosting agent for our Universal Web Locator (URL) and hosting needs (a medium that is responsible for our website presence). Because it is free, it is slow to access and advertisements like pop-up ads are added. In addition, we could not use a dedicated website address name and customization. If you think you can help, please contact us.

We are asking your benevolence by helping us improve this website. There are no other persons which could help but you as an alumnus of ICNHS. Please contact us for anything you could share us to improve this site.

Wanted donors  for the domain name registration and web hosting cost. HELP!

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